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Top Social Media Site in Each Country…

.. besides Facebook, Twitter, YouTube & LinkedIn (3)

Data Source: Alexa

12 thoughts on “Top Social Media Site in Each Country…”

  1. @jarezz says:

    #wykop stronk

  2. jarezz says:

    hastag wykop stronk

    1. Anthony says:

      Wel played, Sir.

  3. jo_japa says:


  4. Poland says:

    #wykop stronk

  5. Poland says:


  6. jan_pawel2 says:

    Where is national-catholic forum, kurahen.ork??????

    1. Dave_Rolly says:

      Michael Bialkov, stop offending the Pope already!

  7. Damien says:

    Heheheh, no one knows Dumpert besides Netherlands

  8. Francisco says:

    Bij ons is dat natuurlijk Joop.

  9. Herp Derperson says:

    Deze lijst bestaat uit grote multinationale platforms (zoals instagram en reddit) dan wel nationale gemonitorde platformen zoals in Oost-Europa.

    En dan heb je dumpert….

  10. beidehandje says:

    Dumpert neukt jullie de moeder!

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