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Most Popular Cartoon Character From Each Country


Now see famous cartoon characters from USA

Belgium – Tintin, The Adventures of Tintin
Croatia – Professor Balthazar, Professor Balthazar
Czech Republic – Mole, Krtek
Denmark – Snapper, Troll Tales
Finalnd, The Groke, The Moomins
France – Asterix, The Adventures of Asterix
Germany – Tabaluga, Tabaluga
Hungary – Gustav, Gustav
Ireland – Henry Hugglemonster, Henry Hugglemonster
Italy – Pinocchio
Netherlands – Alfred J. Kwak, Alfred J. Kwak
Norway – Elias, Elias: The Little Rescue Boat
Poland – Polandball
Portugal – Theo, Nutri Ventures
Russia – Hare and Wolf, Nu, pogodi!
Spain – Dogtanian, Dogtanian and the Three Muskehounds
Sweden – Pippi Longstocking
Switzerland – Pingu, Pingu
Turkey – Pepee, Pepee
Ukraine – Kapitoshka, Kapitoshka
U.K. – Wallace and Gromit, Wallace and Gromit

41 thoughts on “Most Popular Cartoon Character From Each Country”

  1. Reagan says:

    Polan stronk !

  2. AS says:

    I’m from Poland and I never heard about “POLLANDBALL”

    1. kkk says:


    2. PolanStronk says:


    3. krishan says:

      U Kurwa ..!!! .. is of not knoing Polandball

  3. V says:

    But “Polandball” hasn’t even originated in Poland while the rest of these cartoons did in their countries…..

  4. sdsdsa says:

    Poland have Reksio

    1. Filemona says:


  5. Mikolaj says:

    What is Pollandball? This is so wrong! Most of people in Poland probably have no idea what is that.

    1. Mesjasz says:

      Unless you live in a cave on Syberia you should now Polandball by now. It’s the most popular meme on the intertnet right now. Jesus, how are you even capable of having an internet conection and not know about this. As someone else wrote before: żal.

      1. Marcin says:

        If it wasn’t for this graphic I wouldn’t know aswell. This PolnadBall has only like 200k likes on Fb so it isn’t so popular… And certainly most of the polish people haven’t even heard about it.

      2. Mikolaj says:

        Żal? Do you really think anyone should regret not knowing this? I don’t think so.
        This is sad, that on this map, instead of Reksio, Bolek and Lolek or any other polish cartoon (or maybe even some Hanna Barbera cartoon), someone placed an ugly, drawn in MS Paint ball created in 2009 and being popular amongst some group on the internet. Look at Russia, Czech Republic, Sweden, Finland, UK, France.
        And, don’t get me wrong, having internet connection since 1996 and working in IT, I am not capable of using internet connection to waste my time on Polandball. Apart from that, it’s just fscking ugly and there’s nothing interesting in bunch of kids trying to be 1337.

        1. Mikolaj says:

          Oh, it’s FROM country so forget about Hanna Barbera, my mistake. ;)

          1. DC says:

            Awww, poor butthurt Poland.

    2. gogogogog says:

      this graphic should be called “most popular according to facebook”
      I vote Reksio for Poland!

  6. Jan Pawel says:

    PolanStronk. KurwaStronk. Can into fame.

  7. Eila says:

    Polandball is not known at all outside of the popular culture of the internet, and it was created by a British man! Please fix this article!

  8. Pierre says:

    Polan can into relevance.

  9. Geza says:

    That Gustav thing in Hungary… what is that? I’m very familiar with our pop culture, and never heard of that character. Maybe it’s from a government-funded ad or magazine? What is this poll based on anyway?

    Regarding Polandball: The countryballs are popular among a certain group of young people whose numbers are growing daily (9 gaggers).

  10. Derp says:

    For Poland, it obviously should be Reksio, Bolek and Lolek, or Teddy Floppy Ear. For fcuks sake, I even saw Japanese version of Teddy Floppy Ear! Polandball comics were not made by Polish; and early comics were REALLY derogatory and offensive for Poles! That’s just bonkers.

    1. Florin H says:

      I enjoyed Reksio, and Bolek and Lolek. Romanian viewer here.

  11. Alexei Buruian says:

    Lol nutriventures aren’t popular in Portugal…in fact im 23 years old and only knew about nutriventrures this year because of an assignment about obesity. Better replace nutriventures with dragonball, pokemon or something. GL!

    1. Lolwut says:

      Dragonball and Pokémon are from Portugal? Alright then.

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  14. Tim says:

    Polandball has neither originated in Poland not is it popular amongst poles. The fact that me and three other people know it means nothing, really.

  15. Tree says:

    Polandball?? What is it? Reksio is best popular Poland cartoon

  16. Katagiri says:

    Wanwan Sanjushi (Dogtanian and the Three Muskehounds) is Japanese, not Spanish.

  17. Poland says:

    Poland have Reksio!

  18. MikeXeno says:

    From the U.S., and I’ve heard of six of these. Probably wouldn’t be familiar with Asterix if I hadn’t taken French classes in high school. I do kind of wonder how they determine “most popular” – in the United States, Mickey Mouse would be a clear winner, except he’s really more of a corporate logo than a cartoon character nowadays and Bugs Bunny probably has more actual fans.

  19. Pawel says:

    In Poland cartoon heros are the first Bolek and Lolek, something like Poland Ball exist only during Football Games :) No Cartoons about :)

  20. Ilona says:

    Polandball? No! Reksio, Bolek i Lolek.

  21. Kovax says:

    I’m from Hungary, and I have seen polandball from 9gag, but I never heard of Gustav….

  22. Sonic says:

    Gustav? But why? :(
    Nobody likes He Gustav
    Hungarians favorites: VUK, Ludas Matyi, Kukori és Kotkoda, Süsü a sárkány, Mézga Család, Pompom, Hohoho Horgász, Frakk, Magyar népmesék, Mekk elek, Macskafogó, etc… But Gustav? I am hungarian, but he not nobody favorite …

  23. FAyekas Yoltan says:

    The most obvious proposal for Romania: Mihaela
    A second choice would be Gopo’s nameless little man

  24. bone says:

    Polandball? LOL we have other more known cartoons than this shit.

  25. TheF*ckIsThisLie says:

    Im from hungary, and never even heard about Gustav…

  26. waga says:

    I have no clue what sources did you get for this “map” and what did you think about considering a polandball meme as most popular cartoon character but this is one big utterly bullshit for Poland. Either remove this or do proper research.

  27. Aenyeweddien says:

    Come on… Polandball is not FROM Poland. It’s popular among some people, but the whole comic is not of Polish origin.

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