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Biggest Supermarket Chain in Each Country


6 thoughts on “Biggest Supermarket Chain in Each Country”

  1. Jesús says:

    The biggest supermarket in Spain is Mercadona, is not Spar. Probably Spar is not between 5 or 6 first ones.

  2. Falconidae says:

    I’m pretty sure that’s wrong in the case of Spain, given the abundance of Mercadona and Dia supermarkets more or less everywhere. Spar, which used to be more common in past years, is now estimated to possess around 1100 stores in Spain, mainly of small size. Dia owns short of 5000 stores in Spain, a far larger number, while Mercadona owns around 1600 stores of far bigger size than Dia or Spar stores.

  3. jehovah witness says:

    Top 10 supermarket giants in the world – …

  4. petroff says:

    CBA is probably the smallest chain in Bulgaria. Also, it is a kind of a grocery store chain rather than a supermarket chain. Wrong info!

  5. Stephan Okhuijsen says:

    In the Netherlands the biggest supermarket chain (if you count stores) is Albert Heijn, not Aldi.
    What’s the source of the data?

  6. Linwood Murrufo says:

    Spar the largest chain in Spain? I don t think that s right, that position is probably held by Mercadona.

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