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One thought on “World’s Biggest Data Breaches”

  1. NS says:

    This is beautiful, but ultimately meaningless. What is a record? Is it a name? A file attached to a name? How sensitive is the information? Are some records mundane, like a coffee order or online pizza delivery? In the case of Sony does one entire digital film constitute a single record? It just seems like without context the size of the breaches is meaningless. Especially if something a digitally large as a film is equivalent to text file. What is the significance of lost/stolen media versus a computer? How can AOL have been a voluntary breach filed under the same category as Wikileaks? This graphic leaves more questions than answers. What was the value of the information, the digital size, why is it important to know about these cases, what is a record, etc etc? I am frustrated by this information because I know less than before I looked at the graphic and now have zero useful information to talk about because it all exists in a vacuum. It is a meaningless graphic in dire need of context and explanation. Data is beautiful, but not if it fails to communicate with the viewer.

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