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8 thoughts on “Top Websites in European Countries besides Google, Facebook & YouTube”

  1. Maksymilian Śleziak z miniCRM says:

    Amazon is destroying competitors almost everywhere…

    1. kds says:

      and how is that?
      cause if you mean being the best = destroying competition, then yes, you’re 100% correct and that’s a great thing :)

  2. swans says:

    Twitter only in Turkey? LOL

  3. Butik Online says:

    In Poland Allegro is not the only one..

    1. Simon says:

      Butik have you tried read and understand topic and map above? As you can see any of these countries above have only on one top website!

  4. malina says:

    Allegro is one of the best sites in Poland

  5. Lukasz says:

    ziddu? what? I Guess something’s not right

  6. JosephPa says:

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