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Ruling Parties in European Countries

Albania – Socialist Party of Albania
Armenia – Republican Party of Armenia
Austria – Social Democratic Party of Austria
Azerbaijan – New Azerbaijan Party
Belgium – Mouvement Réformateur
Bosnia and Herzegovina – Party of Democratic Action
Bulgaria – GERB – Citizens for European Development of Bulgaria
Croatia – Social Democratic Party of Croatia
Cyprus – Democratic Rally
Czech Republic – Czech Social Democratic Party
Denmark – Venstre
Estonia – Estonian Reform Party
Finland – Centre Party
France – Socialist Party
Georgia – Georgian Dream
Germany – Christian Democratic Union
Greece – SYRIZA
Hungary – Fidesz
Iceland – Progressive Party
Ireland – Fine Gael
Italy – Democratic Party
Latvia – Vienotiba
Lithuania – Social Democratic Party of Lithuania
Macedonia – Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organization – Democratic Party for Macedonian National Unity
Netherlands – People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy
Norway – Conservative Party
Poland – Civic Platform

Portugal – Social Democratic Party
Romania – Social Democratic Party
Russia – United Russia
Serbia – Serbian Progressive Party
Slovakia – SMER
Slovenia – Modern Centre Party
Spain – People’s Party
Sweden – Swedish Social Democratic Party
Turkey – Justice and Development Party
Ukraine – Petro Poroshenko Bloc
United Kingdom – Conservative Party

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