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Human Body as a Factory

German Infogrpahic from 1926, by Friz Kahn
1926) by Fritz Kahn

Verstand – Mind
Vernunft – Understanding
Atemzentrale – Breathe Centre
Muskelzentrale – Muscle Centre
Wille – Will
Sauerstoff – Oxygen
Gehororgan – Organ of Hearing
Auge – Eye
Nervenzentrale – Nerve Centre
Nase – Nose
Rückenmark – Spinal Cord
Mund – Mouth
Kohlensäure – Carbonic Acid
Nahrung – Food
Lunge – Lung
Herz – Heart
Leber – Liver
Zucker – Sugar
Magen – Stomach
Bauchspeicheldrüse – Pancreas
Lab – Rennet
Galle – Bile
Knochenmark – Bone Marrow
Darm – Intestine
Milz – Spleen
Harnblase – Bladder
Niere – Kidney
Muskelmotor – ‘Muscle Motor’

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