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WWII casualties as percentage of population


11 thoughts on “WWII casualties as percentage of population”

  1. Ktoś says:

    Let’s check out how much territory states lost after II WW and Poland will be on the podium.

  2. Atuor says:

    Now we can clearly see whose blood was spilled the most during WWII.

  3. soHo says:

    Poland :(

  4. John says:

    And they still talk about “polish death camps”… Shame! They’ve lost so much sacrifying themselfs to protect jews and now they want to take them away their dignity. It’s sad, it’s really sad… Why they lie so much? Why they wanna compromise Poland and make people believe that poles murdered all that jews. It was germans! Rember! Shame!

    1. Assono says:

      “polish death camps” are the common mistake mostly in USA why?Because they were build on Polish land and that’s the reason for americans to tell the world that the Polish people have murdered jewsish people.But they protected them or at least tried to protect them.Also USSR casualties are coming partially from order 227 what didn’t allowed Soviet soldiers to retreat.

    2. Maciek says:

      The frase “polish death camps” is a grammar problem but any person that uses it should relise how it sounds and how it could be (and often is) (mis)understand.
      That is why Auschwitz proper name is “German Nazi Concentration and Extermination Camp” just so we also know it was not all the Germans.
      One step more:
      There was lots of articles about WWI in a past year (2014 – 100 year after WWI started) anlysing why?
      My conclusion is that WWII was “simply” a logical consequence of how WWI ended:
      Ferdinand Foch said about Treaty of Versailles: “This is not a peace. It is an armistice for 20 years.” – and I think that “polish death camps”/”German Nazi Concentration and Extermination Camp” 20 years later is, in a big part, fault of allied forces, mostly France, for being “greedy” and vindictive:
      reparations (20 billion gold marks ($5 billion) in gold, commodities, ships, securities or other forms) being paid back till 2010!

      1. Assono says:

        So because France was too greedy Germans exterminatet Polish people(mostly jewish)?No.I agree that France was too greedy but this is fault of nazi ideology.Germans were over all French and Scandinavian were regular people and Slavic were under people Jews were only rats for them.I don’t think because of France being too greedy hitler planned to build death camps for 1 milion people yearly(Auswitz was builded bigger and bigger to become first of those camps).And btw. this all could not exist if not France\Poland decisions.Why?Poland had an aliance offer from Germany in 1938\1939 and in the time of september campain Germans had very very small forces on the border.Poland could also hold much longer because of fighting only on one front(Stalin waited on west move before atacking Poland)

  5. Jin says:

    Auschwitz-Birkenau. German death camp. 1944-1945. Detailed interactive map.

  6. Aijin says:

    Not many people in the world know that but as far as I was able to find out, term “Polish death camps” was invented in West Germany by Intelligence Officer after war (about 1950-1960). It was the easiest way for “proud” germans to put blame on other country. When Berlin collapsed under Red Communist Horde, suddenly new nation emerge – Nazis. Germans weren’t responsible, it was all fault of Nazis. If anyone is smart enough and want to know the truth about Germans I suggest to read something about holocaust in Namibia – Africa, almost 40 years before holocaust of Jews:
    Another matter is that during II World War there were different penalties for helping Jews. In western Europe, you could be send to jail, in Poland you would be killed on spot without any trail.

    1. Maciek says:

      a perfect place to mention this lady:

  7. kk says:

    Poland lost over 30% of the population. By the way.

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