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The last time each European country was occupied


5 thoughts on “The last time each European country was occupied”

  1. Zachariasz Szuler says:

    Russia last time was occupied between 1610-1612 by Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth.

    For confirmation check:
    1. The Time of Troubles (Russian: Смутное время)
    2. Unity Day (also called Day of People’s Unity or National Unity Day; Russian: День народного единства

  2. Kuba says:

    1610 Russia occupied by Poland. They have national holiday remembering events of this time.

  3. pasazer says:

    Montenegro occupied by Serbia and Montenegro?!
    Slovakia occupied by Czechoslovakia?!

    I think that your ‘occupation’ has a different meaning than mine. I believe that occupation is when a country takes control over another against their will…

  4. user says:

    Who make this graphics, you dont have any knowledge about history.
    Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth occupied russia in 1610 and Czech dont occupied Slovakia!
    Polish was occupied by USRR not 1945, only 1991

  5. Ppp says:

    Poland was occupied by Germany AND Russia between 1939-1941.

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