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National Flags Explained


5 thoughts on “National Flags Explained”

  1. Krzysztof Adamski says:

    The meaning of colours of flag of Poland is correct, yet it is much newer than the flag itself. According to Central European tradition, flags used to be created on basis of Coats of Arms, where upper stripe(s) had been taken from the figure(s) and the lowest had been the colour of the shield. The Poland’s Coat of Arms is White Eagle on Red Shield, so the flag is white-red. The construction of the German flag is the same: black eagle with red beak and claws on golden shield became black-red-yellow flag, the Czech white lion on red shield became white-red, and blue triangle was added lated in order to avoind confusions with Polish flag. The same with flags of Slovakia, Hungary, Ukraine, and German Lands, which used to be independent Pindipalities and duchies.

  2. Rafał says:

    In the flag of Poland white color symbolise White Eagle and red color symbolise background in coat of arms. Simply – colors in polish flag comes from coat of arms ;)

  3. Sheldon says:

    Sheldon Cooper: Fun With Flags!

  4. Dyson says:

    We are so used to seeing our flags everywhere, that we hardly notice them. But do you know the real meaning behind your national flag design?

  5. Slobodan Gluščević says:

    European flag actually have three sources of origin. Or are heraldic flag (usually two-tone color with the lower band and an upper shield color charge, such as Polish flags, Monaco, Austria, Hungary …) or are made of cockades indicating political programs (France, Germany …) or as maritime used on land (the Netherlands, Russia, Serbia …)

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